Ann Rudd

Ann T. Rudd is a contemporary oil painter with work represented in galleries in the United States and abroad. Her artwork has received numerous awards, including the BoldBrush Award for Abstract in June 2022, Top 100 Finalist in PleinAir magazine’s November 2023 Salon Competition, and a Finalist award from International Artist magazine’s People & Figures Competition, published in February/March 2024. Ann is from Raleigh, North Carolina, earned a bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University, a master’s in Applied Psychology from Virginia Tech, and provided psychological services for people with special needs for several decades. Over the years, she attended classes with master artists in the Charlotte area and a myriad of online painting workshops exploring contemporary ideas of abstraction. In addition to painting, Ann enjoys reading, couch time, family, beach, travel, chess, team trivia, and ongoing efforts at golf and racquet sports.

Artist Statement: I love the experience of quiet contentment. I look for it, appreciate it, and am generally intrigued when I see individuals sitting quietly, alone with their thoughts. I love painting these quiet moods with gray tones and soft edges and I challenge myself to lose as many edges as possible.