Ann Rudd has created art for many years.
Subject: Moods — especially moments of quiet reflection, peacefulness, contentment in the moment. In a world that’s surging with activity, effort and angst, her paintings can be reminders of the quiet times that are available to all of us. Technique: Semiabstract combinations including oil, acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel, and graphite pencil. Ann is interested in paintings that combine the appearance of 3-dimensional depth and 2-dimensional flat surface. The design possibilities seem endless. Color palette: Grays, neutrals, soft palette colors Influences: Berthe Morisot, Alberto Giacometti, Alex Powers and others Awards: Ann loves a good contest and has won numerous awards at the local and regional levels in Charlotte, North Carolina, over the last decade. She was juried into two national shows in 2016, received a Merit Award from the national Art Muse Contest in 2018, was an Art Muse Contest Emerging Artist Finalist in February 2019, and has been listed in the Bold Brush Favorite 15% several times. She continues to exhibit in a variety of venues and competitions. Current direction: Since retiring from a 30 year career in psychology, Ann has pursued painting on a daily basis, creating many small works that explore subjects and process. She is currently interested in oil painting, figures and faces, with architectural elements in the background.