Thank you for your interest in Karen Anderer Fine Art. 

Please email Karen Anderer at with the following: 

1. An introduction of yourself and what inspires you to be part of this gallery and this group of artists

2. 8 low-res images of your artwork as .jpg’s only – please do not send large files 

3. 2 low-res images that are zoomed in on the detail of your artwork as .jpgs’s only- One from a side-angle and One straight-on

4.  JPG’s must be renamed from its numerical code to include- the title, year, medium, dimensions, retail price

5. Artist’s Statement

6. CV/Resume and a Bio 

7. In addition, feel free to include any details of your process, add links to reviews, press, your website, etc.

All submissions must meet the above requirements to be considered. 

Respectfully, out of business etiquette to clients, and the operations of the gallery, walk-ins will not be accepted. 

I look forward to a thoughtful review of your artwork. While in the end, it may not be a good fit for everyone, I truly appreciate your interest and your submission. 

*Unfortunately, at this time, the Gallery does not have a platform for representing emerging artists or representing artists who reproduce their artwork beyond a selected, limited series for charity events. In either of these cases, I then encourage you to submit to “Open Calls” as the parameters are different. 

With much gratitude for your consideration of the Gallery,