Agnieszka Jackiewicz graduated with a Master Degree of Fine Arts in painting and painting design in architecture and urban planning. She earned her degree at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wroclaw, Poland. Shortly after she moved to the United States and settled in Connecticut where she resides and creates today. She participates in different art shows and competitions in the USA and Europe, and her art can be found in many interior design projects, hotels and private collections.

Artist statement:

Art is rooted deep in my soul. I have been surrounded by it my entire life. I love the feeling of excitement when I stand in front of the white canvas and I know that within just moments I will begin a journey into the unknown depths of my soul. I create abstract paintings. I feel free to express my emotions and I can tell my own story. In my paintings, I interchangeably use oil and acrylic paints, often using gold or silver leaves as well. Introducing such elements makes the painting work with its surroundings. Art comes alive by interacting with the light and begins living its very own life, while simultaneously revealing new depths. I quite often hear about my paintings that they have a soul. I believe that this is a very faithful observation. When I paint, I completely surround myself. Time stops, reality around me no longer exists, it is just me and the canvas at that moment. Each of my works are filled with emotions and my history. For me, painting is like my own journal painted with a brush and each artwork is like a page from it. What I love about abstract is that I can paint what I feel and that my story behind it will only remain mine. The recipient may interpret my painting his or her own way and create a deeper relationship than what they see and understand on the surface.