I grew up going to flea markets in Lancaster County with my father. I have always found myself drawn to that which is imperfect, rusted and worn. I wonder what placement the object had in its past and the possibilities it has for the future.


In my latest pieces, I continue to explore relationships and their evolution as our lives take different paths. Every facet of our lives gives us a different vantage point from which to look at ourselves, relationships and the world around us. Art gives me a place to bring these together and examine life from the inside out.


My latest series, Intersections and Connections, looks at life as children begin their own journeys, parent’s age and we are left to change our roles in their lives. Often in life we are confronted with shifts, a second in time that changes our lives. Life is never linear. These moments either strengthen or change the dynamics, but always deepen the connection.

Ever evolving, our new relationships give us new emotions, new visions and a chance to reexamine life and our purpose in that life.