“My current series of watercolors use Greco-Roman sculptures and The symbol of the Luna Moth in order to remind viewers that creating a legacy is less important than enjoying life in the present. People create icons and sculptures so that they are remembered long after they have passed. I am more concerned with the importance of living in the present and appreciating every moment. The image of the Luna Moth appears in all of

My paintings as a reminder of our mortality. Luna Moths remind us that life is fleeting, as they live for only a week after undergoing metamorphosis. I hope this series is a reminder

That the greatest beauty exists in the present and that it is more important to celebrate our lives because this is how we are remembered.” ~ Sarah

Sarah debuted her professional art career with her series “Tales of Youth” in the summer of 2016 at CityFolk Gallery. In “Tales of Youth” her acrylic paintings were collaged with watercolor paper dolls in order to narrate old fantasy tales such as “East of the Sun and West of the Moon. “Trafford, currently a junior at Tyler School of Art, is a consistent Dean’s List Award recipient and has earned numerous accolades for her work. She was nominated for Berks Best in the Arts by the Reading Eagle Newspaper, has received multiple East Central PA Scholastic Art Awards, a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for Art, and the Curator’s Choice Award from the Allentown Museum of Art, chosen from over 700 works. Sarah aspires to use her art to create narratives that inspire people, give them hope, and remind them to enjoy life.