René Romero Schuler is an American painter and sculptor whose work is directly connected to her strong belief in the power of femininity and the stories women have to tell. Embracing the contrast between perceptions of femininity and the complexity of female lives — sometimes not conventionally “pretty” but fascinating and powerful — Schuler’s work offers an independent, strong and beautiful vision of womanhood that seeks to provoke thought and empower others.

Schuler’s own story is one of incredible strength and tenacity, born out of a personal journey that both challenged and shaped her, ultimately allowing her to find healing and joy through her art, and to share that journey with others. Born in Chicago, she spent part of her childhood in Ecuador with her grandparents, before returning to the city’s north side and a difficult homelife that prompted her to leave home at an early age.

On her own as a teen, Schuler found both solace and a profession in her lifelong talent for creating artwork, eventually building a robust business around commissioned work for designers of hospitality environments and becoming a savvy, successful entrepreneur. Meanwhile, her self-taught fine art practice continued as a constant outlet for her creativity and vision — work that allowed her inner life and past traumas to make their way onto canvas, transforming pain into joy through the alchemy of art.

Today, it is that authenticity that fosters an emotional connection to Schuler’s work for audiences and collectors worldwide, bringing healing and joy to those who interact with her artwork. Currently represented by 12 galleries across the U.S. and in Paris, France, Schuler has had exhibitions throughout the U.S. as well as in Paris, Rome, Paxos, Singapore and Beirut. Her work is a part of the permanent collections of The Union League Club of Chicago, Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA) in Chicago, Grand Valley State University in Michigan, Coral Springs Museum of Art and St. Thomas University Museum of Art – Sardiñas Gallery in Miami.

Schuler’s work has also inspired musical artistry: “Jolere,” a musical production based on her work, includes five original scores composed by Lee Kesselman and accompanying contemporary dance choreographed by Joanna Lees. “Jolere” performed to sold-out audiences in Minneapolis, 2013 and Chicago, 2015.

Her art, as well as selected essays and poetry, has also been collected into published works: René Romero Schuler: Life and Works, 2013; René Romero Schuler, 2016 and René Romero Schuler, 2019. A fourth book, Ladies, is scheduled for publication in 2022.