Paige, a self-taught artist, has had a creative streak since childhood.  She was born in California to ultra creative parents and started her journey as a maker from the beginning. She could be found crocheting, knitting, cross-stitching, making potions, and with the help of her two siblings, selling her personal art creations to friends and neighbors via a sidewalk sale.  

Attending Austin Peay University, she decided to ‘be sensible’ and study Business Administration. Her creative urges did take a backseat for many years in order to raise a family and to support her spouse’s military career.  During those years, she raised her children to embrace their artistic side which is evident in who they are today as adults. As a family, they spent a lot of time traveling the globe and in many of the world’s famous fine art galleries.

Tyler re-entered the art scene by hand-painting personalized signs for friends and family which then grew into a whole career.  Years later, she decided that it was no longer fulfilling creating the same thing over and over again and she started exploring other avenues to express herself. She spent years studying under other professional artists and understanding how to use her own voice in her work. She is influenced by the characters she has met in her travels and particularly loves Texas and slightly irreverent American culture.

It is these types of characters that influence Paige Tyler’s work and that she brings through it.  She uses many layers on each piece because the texture also tells part of the story.  Many times, there are inspiring quotes, prayers and good wishes in the layers of paint that she hopes will increase the good vibes these paintings will bring into a collectors home. She finds beauty in imperfection and authenticity.

Paige currently lives in Annapolis, Maryland where you can find her and her husband hanging out on the Chesapeake Bay, boating.