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Latest Exhibitions

Ann Rudd – Contemplations in Mist

“One thing that I know about painting is that there are many ways to paint a figure. There are various moods, colors, shapes, edges, brushstrokes, and many small decisions that must be made in the process. In this series, several decisions were made in advance: Each figure is captured in a contemplative moment. Each one is painted in cool, neutral colors with occasional pops of red. Each painting has one or two sharp edges, so the images are suggested with very few shapes. Each subject is merging into the atmosphere. I hope that the work shows a respect for the value of individuals alone with their thoughts, with moody, peaceful contentment in the moment.” ~ Ann

Robert A. Nelson – Encore

Encore! A Series.
Opening: Saturday, April 24
Appointment Advised OR By Chance

Ahead of Robert Nelson’s Annual October exhibit comes “Encore! a series”.
We’ve rounded up modern works of Collages + Drawings from Museum Exhibits and other nooks and crannies to bring you an exciting series.
This Series, primarily from the last two decades, include; large collages, drawings, demonstration drawings (rare), and a few “Release from the Vault” artworks – lithographs and etchings.



Standing Out among Lancaster PA Art Galleries

While many Lancaster City art galleries have earned recognition as part of the growing downtown art movement, CityFolk Gallery stands out as one of the most vibrant voices in the community. CityFolk was the epicenter of the Lancaster PA art explosion.

Karen Anderer

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