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LIFE – Still LIFE – but different

“I’ve often combined pop art and logos with the abstract work that I do. The LIFE logo has been a favorite image and at the beginning of the COVID quarantine everything felt different and I lacked inspiration. Life felt still, stopped. After about 6 weeks I realized I needed to continue in the new normal. Everyone was talking about how life had changed and would never be the same. I started working with the LIFE logo and almost subconsciously the logo started right side up but as the work continued the word turned backward and upside down. Art imitating life!

Life stood still but it’s still life.”

Marlin’s work is all about the process. For him, getting there is more than half the fun…it’s all the fun. To see a record, the act of creating and not just the final product, that is his end goal. Marlin has been exploring the use of circles both large and small for the last ten years having been influenced and inspired by the paintings of Yayoi Kusama.

Currently he is working with metallic paints and how his work is affected by changing light. Marlin has worked as an artist and architectural illustrator for over twenty-five years. He divides his time between documentary film making and painting. Marlin lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and continues to get lost in the process in both a home studio and in a 19th century building in Columbia, Pa near the banks of the Susquehanna River.