Born in the anthracite coal region of Pennsylvania of first generation Polish and Italian parent, Judith (Chucoski) Hummel grew up in an area known for its many old-world European-style churches. The towering edifices stood as reminders of homelands left-behind. The churches, with their stained-glass windows, provided a meditative, calming, and inspirational backdrop to her childhood.
This particular influence is reflected in her rich and vivid color palette, and is evident in her drawing style and painting compositions, no matter how secular they may be.
She studied at York Academy of Art, York Pa, in the 1970’s where she was fortunate to have Maya Schock, founder of Harrisburg’s Gallery DOSHI, along with other Central PA’s top artists as instructors. The following ears were spent working, raising a family and assisting in the family graphic arts business.
An article in Harrisburg Magazine titled: “Life Changes Renew Artist’s Creative Vigor” announced not only her ‘picking up her brushes’ again after several challenging events in her life, but spotlighted her first solo gallery exhibit, in May 2009, at the Gallery at Walnut Place.
Hummel’s paintings are acrylic mixed-media. She is an active member of the Harrisburg Art Association, where she has won several first-place painting awards. She is also a participating member of the Susquehanna Art Museum; and has exhibited in the Whitaker Center of Science and the Arts as well as other venues throughout the area.
She currently works for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of International Business Development, and resides in Harrisburg.