Our work is essentially an outgrowth of our lifestyle – grounded in American tradition but thoroughly infused with modern nods to technology and progress. A piece of our work may start with a hand sketch, reworked digitally for scale or size, but will finish under careful consideration of where each knife and chisel mark will make the most impact. Hand working, with traditional tools and techniques proven by time, ensure a true melding of the old with the new.
With the incorporation of our business ten years ago we have shifted our work from period reproductions of antiques to pushing the boundaries of traditional American folk art forms. We seek to explore the association of universal human themes as they relate to traditional folk art and modern 21st century life. Employing symbolism, and observing the human tendency to dwell on boundaries we use creative manipulation of natural, traditional materials; be it a block of white cedar or a stack of salvaged iron to fashion evocative works that challenge our creativity.
~Jac and Patricia

Jac Johnson and Patricia Paxson Johnson began their partnership more than sixteen years ago by creating reproductions of southern decoys under the name of Back Bay Decoys and quickly established a loyal following with both decoy dealers as well as collectors. Completely self-taught in several disciplines, Jac and Patricia expanded their repertoire to folk art carvings and home accessories with the incorporation of their business, Three Points Design Inc.

Jac attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. majoring in business and economics; while Patricia dedicated her higher education to art. Both left school early to pursue art professionally; and started their collaboration by marketing their antique reproduction decoys directly to galleries and stores. Over the last decade and a half their work has been sold in forty different states and four different countries – and clients include Senators, professional Athletes and Fortune 500 companies. Pieces have been featured in magazines ranging from Architectural Digest to Country Living, and their commercial work has received distinction from the Society of Environmental Design.

Public and Private collections hold varied works from different periods of production. From 1991-1996 their focus was on creating the best reproduction Southern style working decoys possible. From 1996-2002 they transitioned their work to pure American Folk Art, inspired by classical folk art forms and techniques, heavily influenced by primitives. 2002 saw a change to more one-of-a-kind and limited edition designs and commissions as a response to market changes from the excess of import art, which remains their focus to the present day. This low output, high quality design process has been the most rewarding period of their careers.

Their studio’s setting influences their design choices. Jac and Patricia’s appreciation and fascination with horses show in their equestrian pieces. Their love and proximity to the Ocean are revealed in the creation and design of their mermaid line. The forest and fields around their 100-year-old farmhouse provide not only inspiration, but also acquired items of yesteryear that can be recycled into modern masterpieces of American folk art. This wonderful process of rebirth allows for self-expression through their art.