Born in Philadelphia in 1983, Gregory Prestegord has a myriad mix of influences in his background. The grittiness seen in Presetogrd’s work is a direct impact from the graffiti street-artists he grew-up around in Philadelphia, and yet there is a refinement to his painting which is a credit to the formal training he received at America’s oldest art school and first art museum: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. There Prestegord studied the great masters and won awards for his cityscapes which remain a continued theme of his work to this day. “The quality of light and shadow and the energy of the people in the contrast of urban cityscape is what I want to capture,” explains Prestegord.

Whether painting cityscapes, orchestra pieces or musicians like his New Orleans, Jazz series, Prestegord combines many styles of art from impressionism to abstract and street-art to realism, creating his internationally recognizable and exceptionally distinct style. His style is born from vast inspirations and influences, capturing the feeling of a place, taking your eye into the painting, and creating a sense you’re there; one with the composition. His paintings take on a sculptural form at times from the amount of paint, palette knife, and brushwork Prestegord uses to create them.