Originally from Seoul, Korea, Georganna Lenssen graduated from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and Villanova University. Lenssen’s work has appeared in multiple publications including Fine Art Connoisseur, Philadelphia STYLE and ARTmatters magazine. Her paintings were featured in multiple issues of The Discerner, one of the UK’s elite online publications. She was the first artist to be featured exclusively in the November 2018 issue.

Artist Statement

My work is the culmination of response, absorption and interpretation of place or content. A thread of commonality exists—from exquisitely patterned African wild dogs to densely sensual frosted cakes to the evocative nature of abandoned structures and the secrets within—the multi-faceted richness of imagery. Opacities, transparencies and iridescences offer a myriad of painterly opportunities. Here is where instinct, memory and sensation merge for me, creating a visual language of mark-making, color interaction and finally the landscape of the painted surface.