Born in Palo Alto CA and now a long-time resident of Maine, I paint with oils on canvas or linen.

Coming from an artistic family background and exceptional high school art program there was no lack of encouragement to create. I studied sculpture and design at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia and have continued my education through classes and painting groups and occasionally teach students individually.

Returning to painting after many years of developing an interior and landscape design business, I focus my work on capturing the likeness and emotions of animals, especially the relationship between man and his canine best friend. I paint other animals as well, inspired by my deep feelings for the Maine countryside, the horses on our farm, and my 7 devoted Labrador Retrievers.

I convey the motion, shape, and love for the animal with loosely applied sweeping brushstrokes or pallet knife. Using glazing mediums, wax, chalk dust, and thick over painting to sculpt subjects on the canvas, I bring them to life in an unconventional form.