I paint out of a drive to create. This drive to create has led me through many art forms and outlets of expression. In 1999, when I discovered how watercolor pigment and paper react together, I knew I had found my form of expression.

The looseness of the water and the soft marks made by allowing the medium to control the direction a painting takes is fascinating to me. When something beautiful naturally happens as a result of water, pigment and the surface mixing, I get excited inside. Certain shapes, certain color combinations and interesting pigment stains thrill me.

Watercolor Zoo is the result of finding a new methodology. My love for watercolor challenged me to discover ways to create the same effect on a canvas surface. A short hiatus from painting, while I had a studio space constructed, has resulted in an explosion of faces and personalities full of vivid shape and color. This is the first time my work has been shown featuring this watercolor on canvas technique. I am honored to be showing work in the thriving and exciting art community of Lancaster.


Watercolor Zoo


Animals explored through non-traditional watercolor techniques with the focus on expressive color and bold shapes.


Debbie Crawford, 2015