Painting and designing are daily essentials to me as an artist. I must greet the easel on a regular basis to unleash my creative stories. My stories change as I gather up new images within my experiences. I find that no matter what I paint, I handle and place my brushstrokes with deliberate movements, unique color families, and strong compositions. I often let go of details so that the audience has an opportunity to become part of my story intertwining their own experiences, emotions, and ideas.
I have been a huge believer in my Modus operandi “Everything has been painted, so paint it differently”.
I am a retired elementary teacher and I often ask myself how would a kindergartner begin and finish a story? Five year olds have the essential tool kit to create art with such a fresh, uninhibited, and sometimes hilarious approach. When I am researching and pondering my new story I often bring out the saved and treasured art from those five year olds so that it keeps me on my toes.
If I am not at the easel you can find me in my BB Fresh Cut Flower Farm, or in the Pacific Northwest spending time on the Columbia River with my immediate family and friends.