Join us on August 4th from 5-9 pm as we Welcome Michele Taber and her Exhibition, CONJUNCTION | DISJUNCTION: a Sense of Place


While taking stock of my work I began to notice a theme…the geographic location was notably missing. My Somewhere series was chronologically numbered. My Exploit/Explore series relied on GPS coordinates stored by the camera. I started to ask myself, why is Place not more important? Is it an afterthought? Does place matter?

The premise of the Somewhere series was to follow where the painting wanted to go. It took some time and reflection before I realized that the results were places that I had been before. They revealed my sub-conscience memories. While the results varied in the level of abstraction they all had a dream-like quality.

I started my Exploit/Explore series when I began to study mindfulness. In my studies, I realized that all of the photos I took were an environmental autobiography of my distractibility.  It doesn’t matter where or who I am with. I’m always looking. In an effort to rehabilitate myself, I selected photos to really explore. I spent time with them, analyzed them and then painted them. The results were less abstract and more ethereal.

The remainder my work is somewhere between purpose and not.  What does it all mean?

My identity is not tied to a place. I have moved way too many times to set deep roots anywhere. That’s not for a lack of appreciation of any particular area but as a conditioned response to be ready for a change.  And, yet, the geographic place with its unique features can be inspiring.

What I have learned so far is Place to me is inside, not outside. It’s the connection of the physical and metaphysical. It’s being one with both who you are and where you are, regardless of geographic location.  As you view the show and its combination of series, keep in mind this is not a remix but a revelation. ~ Michele

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