THE RABBIT’S CHAIRMy paintings, and now soft sculptures, bring out the magical wonder of the humble rooster and rabbit.  The rooster/chicken has always been my spirit animal.  I love the colors, textures, and glorious strength of such a common bird.  But is it such a common bird?  They feed us with their eggs and meat, decorate us with their beautiful feathers, and are used as a religious spirit throughout the world.  They are clever and brave, fast and strong.  Their colors, pattern, and textures show brilliance and shine that I love to try and repeat in my painting.

The rabbit with its clever and curious nature coincides with my love of a mix of contemporary and folk art.  I love to exaggerate its ears and to paint them with patterns.  The rooster and rabbit are both magical and beautiful.

My love of animals can be seen in my painting, soft sculptures, and in my pillow collection as co-owner and co-designer of Eric and Christopher: pillows, totes, wall art, tea towels, aprons and more all hand-made in Bucks County, PA and sold in over 600 stores internationally. – Eric N. Fausnacht *as seen on HGTV Gardens

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