Doherty’s latest exhibit, “Pushing Paint” you note immediately that James believes a painting should look like it has been painted and not like a photograph. “You should see each brush stroke, each drip of paint, and each layer of color”.

“Pushing Paint” exhibit’s inspirations from James’ favorite painters: Gainsborough, Sargent, and Degas. In his distinctive style, he has captured the unguarded moment and pushed paint to board; a woman gazing out at the Sea, another with a subtle glance searching for the unknown, a passerby with eyes grazing the ground, a soldier considering what is before him, a found photograph from the 1800’s with the simple inscription, Dorothea- haunting to be painted, and a theatre filled with patrons lost in the continuous moment. It is the wonderment in these moments that you can find amidst the boards Doherty uses as his canvases.


You can view “Pushing Paint” from February 3rd through February 28th

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