Join us for the Big Fall Art Weekend beginning with First Friday Festivities, October 7th from 5-9pm. Saturday October 8th welcomes ArtWalk from 10am-5pm and Sunday from 12pm-4pm.

FEATURE ARTIST:  ROBERT A. NELSON,  “Unrecorded Histories”

 At the age of 91 Robert is still living his mantra of creating Art every day. This exhibit is focused on the latest drawings of his favorite cast of characacters; dogs, cats, reptiles, sea creatures, and the roles they play on stage with man. These strange actions, and lives are so beautifully different than seen in our own human endeavors.

HIGHLIGHT ARTIST:  SHARON BARTMANN, “Intersections and Connections”

My latest series, Intersections and Connections, looks at life as children begin their own journeys, parent’s age and we are left to change our roles in their lives. Often in life we are confronted with shifts, a second in time that changes our lives. Life is never linear. These moments either strengthen or change the dynamics, but always deepen the connection.

Ever evolving, our new relationships give us new emotions, new visions and a chance to reexamine life and our purpose in that life.


Part of Nine year old Nora Anderer’s, summer break was spent getting acquainted with the “Masters” and the different media’s they worked in. She has chosen her personal favorites to create in her fashion – using their media when possible. You can see Matisse, Picasso, Wyeth, Magritte, and Toulouse-Lautrec through the eyes of this talented, SDOL 4th grader. 

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