Join us as we bring back Marc and his beloved fruits and vegetables, and welcome his other subject matters, his Hick’s inspired works, and his paintings of historical battle scenes.

“It was probably dumb luck or good fortune back in 1978 when I bought Ralph Mayer’s fourth edition of The Artist’s Handbook. Through the glossary of pigments that was located in the back, I picked up some basic rules that directed my palette. Mr. Mayer itemized each color, its origins and the time it was developed and in use. This guide helped me select and limit the colors and shades in the pictures that I paint, ensuring accuracy to their period in history. This started my career.

Recently I saw some of the stuff that I painted way back in the 80’s. It looked as crisp and as accurate as the day it was done – Arslonga vita brevis – so I’ll just carry on. It’s hard to believe that it has now been over thirty five years of showing paintings and meeting the nicest people from all over America.

It has been an honor for me and a very humbling experience to be numbered with this extraordinary group of artisans that have been gathered and exhibited at CityFolk in Lancaster, Pa. It has truly been a pleasure to work with all the fine folks at CityFolk. And yes, thank you City Folk for your welcome and your support. I’m excited about being at the First Friday in June at CityFolk.”


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