To all our devoted collectors, we’ve heard you, and we miss you too, so we’ve set aside a special night just for you. On Thursday, August 2nd, we will be open from 5:00-8:00pm. We hope you will join us for a glass of wine and enjoy the work of Barbara Olsen’s exhibit, Once Upon a Canvas.





Love Sick Cow


A Hammer and A Nail

Barbara Olsen is a self taught artist, whose style melds together shimmering colors, a unique sense of design, and the creative skills of a storyteller. Her works can be found in the children’s book The Witch Casts a Spell, (Dial Books for Kids). She is currently working on illustrations for another book.

As we make Collector’s Thursday a montly event, we are joined by the Liz Hess, Freiman Stoltzfus, and Christianne David Galleries. Also, participating will be ForknSpoon and Pour with special tapas menus.

Hope to see you there

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