Everyone knows how important the window is, especially when traffic will surely get backed up on the major street your Gallery is on. Last week after pulling the current window items for a fresh face, I found myself for the first time with a serious creative block. I walked the Gallery. Played with clients. I made a phone call. Anything. Everything. Nothing. This went on for the rest of the day and I found myself completely exhausted and again another first— I left the gallery window empty and went home.

My husband had made dinner and had been begging me to try one of his pears. Still in my flat-line state, I said “no thank-you.” He has been harvesting pears from a community tree for years and I assumed this was part of his fall ritual. What I failed to “hear” was that he meant “his” pears, the first year his Asian Pear Tree was to bear fruit. He asked a few more times and with each “no thank you” he grew more defeated.

The next morning, refreshed and recounting the night before, it all came together. The Pear Tree— My Husband’s Pear Tree— and My Window. I couldn’t wait to get to the Gallery; and later that night I ate a pear, from “our” tree, it was the best pear I ever had. They became a favorite among our friends and were a hit at the Smart Glass Trunk Show. The Window and its one night lack of inspiration is alive and has inspired its own page to come. Look for “The Window” Page soon, and in the near future you will also be able to click on items from that page and purchase them immediately.

This image is the 4th revision— it appears other’s love fall, love harvest, and love pears; and when the last pear from our tree was being fought over, my dear husband who had heard “no” from me when all he wanted to hear was “yes,” saved the last pear for me.


 Asian Stool. Made to order cocret/wood furniture. Elongated Handblown Green Glass Fruit Set~Anthony Biancaniello. White handblown Glass Fruit Set~ Anthony Biancaniello. Original Oil Paintings ~ Marc Daniles: Green Pear/SOLD. Red Pear. 3 Golden Pears

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