What happens when you contact 8 busy artists and ask them to embellish wood letters you bought a year ago while doing a photo shoot with FIG magazine? How about when you add that this is not a paying gig, and that they will be donating their work to “your” social mission partners?

The conversation sounds something like this:

… Based on last year’s “City Authentic” art issue, done by FIG magazine, I believe it deserves an encore performance. I would like you to take one of the wood letters from the CityFolk name and make it art and then donate it to one of my 4 social mission partner’s. Doing this will allow you entry into the 8 artist, 2 month show, and you may show 4 or 5 pieces of your art for being so generous. You will also be on display in the upcoming issue of FIG; and be able to compete with your fellow artists on October 19th, from 5-7, at a champagne auction of the letters.

There was no silence on the other end of the phone, there was no hesitation, there was no “hmmm let me think about it.” Everyone jumped at the opportunity and jumped through hoops to make deadline. — I must add these are incredible works of art and the talent runs deep. The competition is fierce for who can raise the most monies.— I am very grateful to work with such a creative and supportive group of artists. I have asked much of the many artists who show here, and have chosen to give some of them a break this go ’round. Never once have I gotten a “No.” I can only say that we truly are just city folks, trying to balance our lives of promoting art and beauty, with reaching out to other folks who need support. I love the thought that as your home is transformed into a place of beauty with their art, that they will help a life be transformed somewhere also.

So hand in hand we go…

“C” Seth Cluley “I” Jac Johnson “T” Adrienne Trafford “Y” Marc Daniels

“F” Eric Fausnacht “O” Jeff Himes “L” Joe DeLuca “K” Kathleen Stoltzfus

*Water Street Mission / (F, l)

*The Humane League of Lancaster County / (y, o)

*4-more / (t, k)

*Island Dog / (C, i)


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