Last year my fabulous designer friend Henrietta called me excited about a product she wanted to use in my store. It took some time for me to get it together as I was just feeling my way through the new space. The conversation continued rolling around in my head (plus she is perfectly relentless;) not only did we put it in the store, but both problem bathrooms in my home were transformed by the amazing qualities of “American Clay.”  Seth Cluley did the work in conjunction with Fresco Green Building Supplies. You can really bond with someone who works on your teeny bathroom and I quickly learned that Seth has many artistic talents. I was so happy when he agreed to join us in our group show (shout-out to Rick Frescatore, thank you!)

I was so intrigued with this piece when he brought it in. Then the title went up: Winters Bone— a flash to a film by the same name that I stumbled upon, which can rock you to your core— then the story of the piece: creating this in the sweltering heat and dreaming of relief, Seth and his wife remembered the film, and so it was. But it doesn’t stop there. The night of the show I overheard Seth talking about the piece; explaining that the paint brush used at the base of the clock, was one of three used on a job he did at Bruce Springsteen’s house… the brand of the brush… why  “BOSS”  of course.






Winter’s Bone

~Seth Cluley

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