“Nature is a glorious school for the heart!

It is well; I shall be a scholar in this school and bring an eager heart to her instruction…”

 ~ Ludwig Van Beethoven


 If Beethoven were a Rooster I imagine he would look just like this.

 The Polish White Rooster 

~Eric Fausnacht








I met Eric while picking up art from a fellow artist. I am no newcomer to Roosters. I live in Lancaster County and am married to a lover of Chickens/Roosters. Being drawn to Eric’s vibrant colors, but worried I would enter into my millionth (I exaggerate at times) conversation with my hubby on why we cannot have chickens, I walked over to see Eric’s work. It didn’t take long for the conversation of owning chickens— which of course someone who studies and paints fowl does— to start up. As I was admiring the paintings I had to step back and stop this chicken-talk before a Coop was built in our yard. I have seen our cousin’s beautiful blue eggs from their Polish Chickens—yes everywhere I turn I fight the “why can’t we have chickens?” battle— the eggs are quite impressive and yummy. Truth is we have two Terrier dogs; and although I have heard you can train dogs, somehow I am having flashbacks to the middle of the night phone calls of my Grandfather’s Beagles in some neighbor’s chicken houses, and thinking of my sweet Terrier, Argus. My sweet baby has many great attributes; but unlike our cousin’s Polish Sheepdog Tucker, who will not go inside until all the hens are in their house, I know better. Our Roosters and Chickens are best left to enjoy in Eric’s work.

So that was the beginning of a great affection for Eric and his Fowl Images. He paints on canvas, has made beautiful keepsake boxes, and most recently began painting chairs.

I am specifically drawn to the Polish Roosters. They have such attitude… their eyes say it all… and the Crests- oh the lovely Crests!


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