I love birds. It is my favorite part of the morning to make coffee almost without looking down— keeping a constant eye on the trees and feeder outside my kitchen window— not always an easy task when you use a french press. I have my faithful friends that come daily and come in pairs. I love their bright colors and am so fascinated with the moulting process going on right now. Their songs are the only thing I want to hear first thing in the morning and a distant lawn mower can cause a deep-belly-growl. The only other thing that could compare to the birds singing, is the neighbor children’s squeals of laughter— ahhh the sounds of summer…

As I hung this piece it was hard not to catch my gaze in the mirror— still trying to admire the birds while matching wire to hook— there I was, the birds and me. I could almost hear their songs.


“The Bird Watcher”

~Jeff Himes



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