This week the record high temperatures have left us all a little weak and begging for relief. We are wilting, our flowers are wilting, and my beautiful ferns out front… well, I am tending to them twice a day to keep them hydrated and hoping for the best.

Curiously enough our Smart Glass jewelry by Kathleen Plate, has been foremost on the purchase list— another curious fact is that Kathleen lives in Hotlanta (hmmmm…)— the fascinating thing about it is; the glass jewelry draws you in, something about it just feels refreshing. Then as you get closer and begin trying it on, you start to hear/read how this once beverage bottle, which began with water, will once again see it’s water roots and benefit our friends in Rwanda who struggle daily to survive without clean water.

Our Partnership: Smart Glass, CityFolk, and 4-more; bring life-saving, clean water to children in Rwanda with our “Water-to-Water Project.” If you are also feeling the effects of the heat and need some Smart Glass jewelry to cool you off, purchase here at CityFolk and the proceeds will go to 4-more. If you purchase at, please enter 4-more as the promotion code and Kathleen will donate a portion to 4-more.

Gotta Run… off to give my ferns some more water and dreaming of a day when I do not have to include the thought that my plants have a better chance than a child.


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