So when I think of this word I think about the many ways this word has played out in my life.
…I was voted best dressed in school and went on to work in the fashion industry selling clothing for nearly 20 years. I truly talk in threads to my close friends hitting pause, then picking up wherever we left off— sometimes years later. I also type in threads so forewarned is fairwarned.  But the most continuous thread of my life began as far back as I can remember.
   I do not come from a family who collected the amazing antiques you see here at CityFolk. No, I come from a family of  “Pirates,” the ones who spent weekends scouring the markets for treasures, the finest that our small “loot bags” could pay for. We made a game of this, and while my father spent most of the day visiting the food vendors, us girls had the thrill of the hunt in our veins. I have carried this with me my entire life. I furnished my first apartment, and every home since then this way; and got married in a vintage dress that hung from a nail on a tree at a flea market. I spent many early mornings with anyone who would tag along on my escapades (bribing with my secret weapon if need be- champagne.)  Trying to convince someone that we were going in search of “Nothing” was not always easy. That’s the way it is when you are on a treasure hunt, you have to leave yourself open to “seeing” not “seeking.”  So my thread goes on— and how fun it is, being on the biggest treasure hunt of my life— bringing my bounty to CityFolk daily.  I hope you’ll tag along.


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